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Tesla Will Have Free Coast to Coast Supercharger Stations by 2014

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Tesla 2014

Proposed Tesla Supercharger stations, end of 2014

Tesla will be jumpstarting the construction of its Supercharger stations to the point that a trip from the West Coast to the East Coast can theoretically be taken by the end of this year; by 2014, there will be enough stations to make different journeys than the sole narrow Midwestern corridor that will exist this winter. By 2015, Tesla aims to have enough of the extremely quick charging stations to cover the entire United States.

In addition to the ambitious growth plan, Tesla also announced that the Supercharger stations will be able to bring a depleted car to half full in just over 20 minutes, compared to CEO Elon Musk’s prediction of 30 minutes, as previously planned. This is accomplished by using 120kWh chargers rather than the 90kWh units that were expected to go into the stations. The 20 minute window gives a…

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The Mother of the BMW’s is back and still looking as sexy as ever, Heres a breakdown of the changes and a load of pics for you to enjoy until the delivery in November 2013. Include large dual kidney grilles that touch the optional LED adaptive headlights, plus rear “aero blades” and new drag-reducing “air curtain” apertures that direct air around the wheel arches. The biggest change is the available SDrive35i trim, representing the first rear-wheel drive version of the crossover to date.


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Facebook & LinkedIn Lead B2B Social Marketing

New Media Marketing According to GBrainz

Very interesting article. The article states that “Overall, nearly 80 percent of businesses say they have incorporated social media marketing into their marketing efforts.” That’s pretty good. Companies are realizing the effectiveness of reaching the masses through social media.

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